SoCo Music Project

At SoCo Music Project we are passionate about making a difference by providing positive, creative opportunities for people of all ages. Whether it is by discovering something new or nurturing creative potential, we develop projects that engage, inspire and entertain.

Over the last five years we have worked with thousands of people and delivered hundreds of projects, from early years storytelling to major music events, from intergenerational film making to regional creative conferences. We do this because we understand the need for creativity in everyone, and we see the talent all around us.

SoCo exists to promote and develop the creative and cultural offer in the region.

SoCo Music Project have a proven track record and are successful in understanding what kinds of activities and programmes can inspire and motivate young people and those that teach them and are well versed in empowering young people to achieve their aspirations, contributing in a positive way to their community.

SoCo Music Project has delivered numerous diverse and varied projects ranging from early years music making to creative adult learning. Our previous projects have covered all aspects of music making, from early engagement in music, to supporting established musicians in their careers. We are committed to providing advice and guidance to everyone working in music, whether they are aspiring musicians or emerging delivery organisations. SoCo Music Project has established creative networks providing important opportunities for people in the creative industries to connect with others and we strive to enhance the cultural offer in our region.

SoCo have a wealth of experience in engaging with professional artists in community and educational projects and those that have a diverse range of music disciplines.

We are committed to providing training and professional development for our staff. The delivery of Arts Awards is embedded in our organisation.

Through our Youth Music funded Musical Inclusion work we have established strong partnerships with Music Education Hubs, youth agencies, local authorities and delivery organisations across Hampshire. We are a strategic partner in the Southampton Music Hub and an active member of the Creative and Cultural Employers Network facilitated by Artswork. In Southampton we are engaged with the Children’s Alliance and the Mental Health Forum and work extensively in the area of health and wellbeing.

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